White Label solutions are the most common form of collaboration in the financial intermediation industry; we could say that a white label solution is a kind of “collaboration agreement” between two or more businesses, in which the first business is responsible for producing an online financial service or platform; the second uses that platform using its own name or brand.

Where are these types of solutions found?

These solutions are increasingly present in electronic products, software, supermarkets, and financial intermediation services such as online banking, credit/debit cards, discount coupons, money-back offers, and digital services.

Some benefits of a White Label crypto banking

Associating with a white Label crypto banking (WL) is better than having to develop your own financial product or service; a platform of this type (like the one provided by Adenter Tech) offers multiple benefits; however, selecting a good white label solution this can be a problem, as there are many solutions on the market that compete for the “attention of banks or institutions” in an increasingly wide range of services that are often too complicated to evaluate, which is why below we will share some tips that will help us understand why Adenter Tech’s crypto banking white label solution is the best alternative on the market, in addition to knowing the main benefits of a white label solution:

Better income and low operating expenses

Through a solid provider and with a smart market strategy, a white label solution can generate additional income to the financial or banking institution, offering a quality platform (with different additional functions) to the end-users, besides reducing the operating costs significantly, especially by not having to develop your own system or having to give it constant operational support.

A big problem with some white label solutions is that they can be over-designed, and difficult to use, and will literally cost millions of dollars just to get a license. With Adenter Tech, we can find its white label solution with such a design that it is accessible to different companies, banks, or financial institutions (small, medium, or large) offering fixed and accessible monthly plans, without installation fees and with the ability to cancel service whenever you want.

It is important to note that Adenter Tech offers three types of Core Banking-Crypto System solutions for the price of a single platform: Client Panel, Administration Panel, and AML Supervisory Panel.

Entering the crypto market

Due to the popularity of Bitcoin and its official incorporation in some countries (for example, El Salvador), many companies, banks, and financial institutions, in addition to the traditional functions in FIAT money, also want to have a technological platform that allows incorporating new functions related to the crypto and blockchain world. When used correctly, white label tools can help financial and banking companies enter the crypto space safely, quickly, and effectively.

Better design and user experience

A white label platform generally has a better design in its interface and better functions for the user, which results in a better experience for the end-user, generating a “positive” feeling for the client and generating greater credibility in the brand.

Deployment speed

All white label solutions include several components. Still, the first thing to test or evaluate is the ability of the white-label to be quickly implemented and ready for access by the staff of the bank, company, or institution that will use it; to do it quickly and easily. If there are obstacles or delays when trying to use or implement the platform, it is best to look for a more intuitive and flexible solution. For example, Adenter Tech has an intuitive platform with high standards regarding user experience, accessibility, and implementation.

Fiat or payment system

Attaching a payment processing system is also a highly requested feature of a white label solution. Still, not all users are aware that this is beyond the technology platform and is more the job and responsibility of the platform owner to configure the functions correctly.

The vendor’s experience, connections, and business influence come in handy at this point, which means establishing a banking relationship or establishing a fintech company that is willing to provide the ‘ready’ fiduciary component so that you can connect to the platform through your APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Importantly, some white label solutions make it easy to add a banking system through an add-on system.

Customer loyalty and relevance

The online banking user always thinks that a service or product must be beneficial and that it must be per new technologies, for example, people do not want to wait a long time in their operations, and the platform should be as intuitive as possible, this is a significant point, especially if we take into account that the user is constantly comparing their online banking experience with their favorite social channels (which tend to be faster, more versatile and intuitive).

What do you think about this topic? What other benefits do you think white label banking has?

If you want more information about Adenter Tech’s crypto banking white label solution, you can visit the following link, contact us or write your query below (comments section).

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