Some companies want to conduct financing rounds to carry out projects anywhere in the world, and we can see that these claims are slowly becoming a reality, thanks to the rise of blockchain technology and all that it implies; the blockchain initially seemed reserved for experts, however, and due to the boom and popularity they achieved, it has attracted the interest of businesses of any size, and at the same time, of small investors and retailers, through initial cryptocurrencies offerings, better known as ICOs (Initial Coin Offering).

What are ICOs?

An ICO is an issuance (by an applicant) of financing for a certain digital asset, called a token, in exchange for FIAT money (dollars or euros) or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) that investors contribute with to buy such tokens. Here, projects that could be financed by cryptocurrencies are announced.

Space mission to the moon

SpaceX announced that it plans for the first quarter of 2022 to finance the launch of a space mission to the moon, using cryptocurrencies as a source of financing. Their plans are to launch the DOGE_1 satellite, which they consider to be the “first meme” in space, the company said.

The company responsible for sending the satellite in a Falcon 9 rocket affirms that the mission aims to achieve lunar spatial intelligence, with sensors and cameras on board and integrated communications and computer systems. The DOGE_1 mission will demonstrate the possible application of cryptocurrencies beyond planet earth and lay the foundations for future interplanetary trade.

Solar energy

Currently, this type of energy has financing problems in Eastern Europe. As an alternative, the UN, with its Development Program, provides the collaboration for the first time through a company financed with cryptocurrencies. The universities of Moldova make use of solar energy as their main source of energy.

This financing comes to compensate, to a certain extent, the lack of economic financing of the traditional system since bank loans have higher costs. A company called Sun Exchange offers its users the possibility of acquiring solar panels and then renting them to schools, hospitals, and any other entity that requires them, making use of its national currency called SolarCoin, a digital currency introduced by the company ElectricChain.

In this way, the UN cooperates with this university to use the sun’s rays as a source of energy. This project works because once the panels necessary for the project have been purchased, the tenants begin to make use of them and pay for each unit of electricity generated. After 20 years, they acquire ownership of these panels, and the former owners receive SolarCoin in exchange, which will depend on the amount of energy produced in those twenty years.

The project has the correct and necessary foundations, since it will significantly reduce the consumption of conventional electricity, and it will facilitate that anyone (regardless of where they are) can have a solar panel, and thus be able to create your own energy and have a stable source of remuneration through light.

Other important projects

The aforementioned UN program will establish a pilot fund awareness about the possibility of having access and promotion of solar energy in other parts of the planet to meet their needs. Bc energy, and meet the objectives of the world body simultaneously, which would revolutionize the energy markets of Asia and Eastern Europe.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know of any other projects financed by cryptocurrencies?

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