People are currently looking for a way to get the most out of time, using technology in its different manifestations, demanding more personal and professional attention.

Time saving

According to a survey carried out by IQ Facebook, a high percentage of people look for ways to “save time” in addition to making their lives simpler and more comfortable, which means doing important things such as: spending more time with their loved ones, being in physical shape, learning new skills to start a new business or career, in such a way that their time is really worth it to start on the path of their realization.

The benefit of comfort is to create spaces to dream and free up time necessary for the development of their potential. Brands that manage to save time for their customers will surely occupy an important space in their minds and hearts, either because they offer them shopping experiences without inconvenience. They provide more payment facilities through mobile phones or provide fast service through messaging applications.

What different companies and businesses from different areas can do to take advantage of this point (related to time) is to measure and reduce response times in their different digital channels, the shorter the response time the potential prospect will take into account that said company or business is “valuing” your time.

The paradigm of participation

Online purchases undoubtedly generate advantages such as convenience, speed, and transparency; however, some consumers still yearn for the personalized treatment that face-to-face contact gives when making purchases. With the rise of new technologies, a new reality makes people adopt digital tools that give them access to connection with brands, customers, and products at a deeper level.

According to the IQ Facebook survey, 73% of people say they are interested in trying new and different brands when making purchases, and 82% of those surveyed say that social media increased their expectation regarding interaction with a certain brand or product. Despite this situation, brands should not interpret these expectations regarding innovative technology as the reason to use such technology without having a well-defined purpose, since consumers are looking for attractive experiences that motivate participation, more connection, and well-founded decision-making (an example of this is virtual changing rooms and 3D decoration).

Immersive online shopping

Immersive shopping aims to achieve customer loyalty; it is about launching strategies that generate experiences that involve people in an environment where a good image of a product or service is carried. The customer goes from adopting a passive role to be the “protagonist” of the experience. Buyers are willing to adapt to change, and in doing so, brands can create stronger connections through the development of innovative and useful digital experiences. While interacting with people through live shopping, augmented reality, or interactive surveys, the goal should be to “add value” rather than just “use” technology.

New technology strengthens entrepreneurial capacity and preference for local businesses

New digital tools and different social platforms enable entrepreneurial skills, people take advantage of the opportunity to start in the business world. According to the IQ Facebook survey, 79% of people say that Facebook Apps and services promote entrepreneurs’ success. In comparison, 60% of those surveyed believe that there are still many opportunities for entrepreneurs to evolve in their businesses and be successful. Hence, consumers feel connected to entrepreneurs and think about their power with their participation; with this action, they are helping to promote local businesses.

The study mentions that people have a preference for local businesses since they understand that these businesses contribute more to the local community (instead of large international companies); however, the survey mentions that this preference is not “blind” or unconditional it will only be given if the product or service offered by the local business is similar to the product offered by the large international company, only in this case it is that the local business will have the preference.

What do you think about this topic? Do you consider it important that your trusted brand allows you to save time in transactions?

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