An entrepreneur is someone who identifies a problem and offers a practical solution by creating a high-value, high-quality product or service. A good entrepreneur has a series of qualities that distinguish him: creativity, ingenuity, passion, vision, leadership, self-confidence, responsibility, among other qualities. Here are some tips when starting out:

Positive mentality

The most important thing is to have a positive mindset since this will allow us to identify opportunities where others see problems; likewise, this quality will also allow us to move forward in difficult times. Having the right mindset is even more important than money, partners, strategies, etc., since one of the outstanding qualities of entrepreneurs is their mental strength and having the ability to withstand rejection and move forward despite adversity.

Choose the client well

Before developing a product or service, it is important to know the people we are targeting. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing first on the product or service and then looking for the people who are interested in said product or service, when in reality, this process works the other way around, only by choosing our ideal customer can we create products or services according to the needs of such people. Another point that we must consider is the type of client we are targeting and his relationship with the price he will pay for said product or service; for example, do we want to sell something low-priced to many people? Or do we want to sell something high-priced for little people?


Experimentation is a natural process for every entrepreneur. Any company or business that is a leader in its field constantly tests and experiments with new concepts, ideas, trends, products or services, etc. Only through experimentation can we optimize our processes and be more effective. For example, many successful products or services were created due to different internal tests or experiments.

Form a good work team

It is important to form a good work team since these people will be the ones who will allow us to reach the next level in our company or business. We must have good recruiters and human talent managers so that in this way, we can select and train the leaders who will guide the different areas of the company or organization. Once this team is selected, it is important to let it work and strengthen the leaders to give their full potential.

Set big goals

Every entrepreneur needs to set big enough goals, as these will become “engines” and inspiration for the team. Big goals drive business growth as they create a reason to fight, a desire to be better every day in addition to generating more efficiency. The bigger a goal, the more it will make us grow, for example, there is a saying: aim at the moon with a spear, and you will hit an eagle, aim at an eagle with a spear, and you will hit a stone, this means that it is always important to have big goals and that even if we do not reach them, during the process, we will grow and increase our performance, however, such performance will always be proportional to the size of the imposed goal.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any other tips for starting a business?

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