A Fintech is a company dedicated to providing services in the finance sector, making use of existing technology to provide innovative products and services. The arrival of Fintech has brought with it a new model in terms of financial services. These companies came to change the traditional finance sector, both at a private and business level. In this article, we will share some tips to choose a good Fintech.

Experience in the field

It is important that Fintech has experience in the field; for example, we can see indicators such as many projects/platforms developed, years in the market, references, level of quality of the final work, etc. Having an experienced Fintech will allow us to have a quality and personalized service adapted to our environment’s needs.

High standards in safety

It is important that Fintech has experience in protecting against external attacks and uses/develops state-of-the-art security tools; an example of this is high-precision facial recognition systems (when a photo is requested from a client at the moment to open an account) and Anti-haking engines based on artificial intelligence (a tool used to prevent hacking from accessing user accounts). You can learn more about this point in our article entitled Main technologies used by Fintech companies.

Spanish language support

The company must have support in a language other than English that is understood by its Hispanic clients, that it has the respective channels of attention and support in that language; in this way, we will have a personalized and dynamic treatment, which will contribute in a way positive in the development and support of the project.

Testimonials and references

The Fintech company must have various testimonials and positive references. Only through references can we have a clearer idea of the quality of work and the level of service that a Fintech company offers.

Adaptation to the environment

The Fintech company must constantly adapt to the environment, which changes rapidly; for example, a tool, protocol, or standard that may be valid or a trend is the present may become obsolete tomorrow; therefore, it is essential that the Fintech company is constantly updated and incorporates the latest advances in technology. We invite you to know the Fintech Trends in payments for the year 2021.

What do you think about this topic? What other advice can you give us to choose a good Fintech company?

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