Adenter Tech is a company that develops custom applications, with customization of everyday solutions, a provider of technology service worldwide, they have their office in Estonia. Adenter Tech has a multidisciplinary team of 50 collaborators from different countries. Adenter Tech has become a reference when requiring technology services, for this reason, there are reasons why Adenter Tech’s banking software can be considered the best for cryptocurrency banking and we will mention some of them below:

Option to create personal and business accounts

Adenter Tech banking software allows you to create business accounts for users and companies, through an onboarding process, without any problems, using the desktop or the iOS or Android application. This process is done easily and intuitively and has all the legal support that is required for both individual clients and corporate clients.

User roles

It allows users and companies to give access to other users or companies, to manage their accounts to grant access, read-only or full access, to carry out operations. The user has the freedom to share the access of their account, without having to expose their credentials.

Contact book

The software allows its clients to manage a book of recipients or contacts, with whom they can exchange money or make transactions, adding them only once in an easy way, in this way, in the next transaction, you only have to find the contact in the address book.

Referral program

It allows you to establish a recommendation program with a flat or percentage rate, which gives the possibility of promoting the platform and improving the rates and benefits of your clients and referrals.

App version for iOS and Android

Through the application, customers can access all services 24 hours a day (7 days a week), in addition to that, customers can see 20 different types of notifications in real-time, using the operating system that suits them best.

Login Activity

The user can control the start of the session, and can even delete any session that is open, allowing unlinking any access considered suspicious or not recognized and increasing the security of their account and assets.

It has a diversity of functions

Adenter Tech’s banking software offers technological financial services by providing digital wallets, which give its clients the possibility to manage and store their accounts. Likewise, it offers conversion services of different cryptocurrencies to Fiat money, in euros and dollars (and vice versa). Also concerning the use of Wallets, it acts as a “bridge” that allows the administration of the cryptocurrencies themselves, that is, it is a piece of software or hardware that supports the performance of sending or receiving operations of coins through Blockchain technology.

High security

Adenter Tech applies state-of-the-art security actions available in terms of security: High-precision facial recognition systems (that is the reason why a photo is requested from its clients when opening an account) and Anti-haking engines based on artificial intelligence (so that hacking cannot access the accounts of its users, and thus, their funds are not at risk of any kind).

Spanish support

Adenter Tech has a commitment to Spanish-speaking customers, that is why it has the respective channels of attention and support in this language, in this way a personalized treatment and closeness with the customer is given in their own language, making it more fluid and friendly.

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