Fintechs are companies that are dedicated to providing services in the area of financial security making use of technology. Its main objective as emerging companies or Startups, is to provide financial institutions with cutting-edge tools/platforms so that their end customers can carry out their banking operations quickly, easily, and intuitively.

The main areas in which Fintech is dedicated are finance, personal businesses, payments, collections through mobile devices, investment, loans, financing to individuals and companies, consultancies, advice, money remittances, among other services. Among the different technologies that are used by Fintech companies we can mention the following:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

It refers to the ability of some machines or programs to learn and be able to perform certain tasks as if they were human beings. This technology is of great help for Fintech companies since it allows them to automate and improve their services, especially concerning security systems and customer service, an example of this is security programs, as well as chatbots that provide answers to users, all these tools, represent for these companies the immense possibility of offering services in a fast, efficient and personalized way, in addition to saving human resources that can be used for more complex tasks.

Operational platforms

These platforms constitute the main base of Fintech, which have evolved into highly complex systems, allowing the storage and exchange of data and the realization of online transactions. Depending on their functions, each Fintech company uses different platforms and makes them friendly and intuitive for its users, allowing them to carry out different financial and banking operations simply and effectively.

Big Data

It is about the ability to store and process a large amount of data, which has been of great help for Fintech companies. Analyzing data allows companies to make better decisions and predict future movements, see the behavior of their customers, sales of a certain product, and public acceptance. Big data also contributes to the organization of data and displaying them in such a way that they are easy to understand, knowing this information, you can provide better customer service according to your preferences. Likewise, the company’s risks are evaluated, its strengths are consolidated and new strategies are applied in attracting new clients.


The blockchain is the technology that startups use, due to the security it offers (which became known with Bitcoin). The fact of being a network distributed in thousands of computers located in many places, and almost impossible to be hacked or manipulated; This gives guarantees of transparency by having a ledger with public access to verify all transactions made in cryptocurrencies. The usefulness of the Blockchain extends beyond the use of cryptocurrencies, it can also be applied in the creation of smart contracts, record keeping, secure data exchange, and storage, among other uses.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know any other technology used by Fintech companies?

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