Online movie or series platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube, among others, are not outside the different global events, generating different content such as movies, series or documentaries in which topics related to startups are seen, these contents are Aimed at entrepreneurs, people interested in the field and the general public. Here we share some of these films, series, and documentaries about startups:

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

It is one of the first films about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In this film, you get to know how Apple and Microsoft were born, and how they became the world’s great and most recognized tech moguls. His story begins in the early 70s and culminates in 1985, in a toast to Steve Jobs’ birthday, shortly before he was fired from Apple Computer by his partner John Sculley. This film was one of the first of this genre and is considered within the “cult cinema” for many entrepreneurs.

Social Network (2010)

The main message that this movie leaves us is that you don’t get to have so many friends without having to make some enemies. It is a Davis Fincher production that tells from the creation of Facebook, how its creators Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, in addition to the participation of Sean Parker (creator of Napster), from his residence at Harvard University, develop the platform and little by little they begin to get investors and begin to grow to become the largest users community globally. It is important to note that this film has generated a great influence in the creation of new startups during the period 2010-2018.

Dsknectd (2013)

In this documentary directed by Dominic H. White, you can see the rise of communication technologies and how mobile telephony works as a great tool for interaction, consumption, and communication, but at the same time, it works as builders of virtual environments and societies. It is an ideal documentary for people who want to analyze how technology has changed our environment.

Mr Robot (2015)

It is one of the most popular series today in the technological world. New York and Coney Island are the settings where this series takes place. The series follows a young hacker named Elliot Anderson, who suffers from social phobia, delusions, and clinical depression, who works as a computer security engineer, and uses his skills to protect the people of his concern. The series places a lot of emphasis on computer security and how a failure could lead to financial and economic catastrophe.

Dirty Money (2018)

It is a series-documentary of six chapters, where the story of business fraud is narrated, which has originated an investigation to find the culprits, this investigation is reflected in this report in which it is told with the presence of the witnesses, the injured parties, and the creators of the fraud themselves.

Startup (2016)

This series takes place in Miami, in which Nick Talman, a smart man for business, gets an illegal fortune and decides to make an investment in a Startup. Before long, more problems arise involving a Haitian gang and the FBI. Despite the situation, the protagonists make great efforts to obtain the success of the new company.

Billions (2016)

This Netflix series (created by Brian Koppelman, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and David Levien) is about an aggressive New York lawyer who deals with multi-million dollar hedge funds of different companies, where wealth, influence, and corruption “collide” in a battle of powers. For many viewers, this is a more “realistic” series about the current financial system. Likewise, it is a very accepted series within the business sector since it addresses issues such as mentality, entrepreneurship, attitude, strategy, conflict resolution, etc.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already seen any of these movies or series?

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