Robert Kiyosaki, is an entrepreneur, writer, and investor. He was born in Hilo, Hawaii, on April 8, 1947. He is the founder, CEO, and majority shareholder of Cashflow Technologies, the company behind the Rich Dad brand. He has written more than 20 books on business and personal finance. He became known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Here are some of his rules for success:

Accept challenges

Kiyosaki mentions that being an entrepreneur is a challenge that must be taken as a challenge and therefore must be faced, he affirms that good entrepreneurs are the ones who make the most mistakes and learn from them. Some entrepreneurs believe that money will make them rich, but they are in error since it is the experience, the mistakes that are made, and the people with whom they surround themselves, which will determine their success, although many entrepreneurs may have bad experiences, these events will serve as a learning and will allow that later these events become good experiences that if they are used will become vehicles that will lead to success.

Work on yourself

Kiyosaki mentions that you have to prepare every day to face the challenges that come up in business life. As we train and learn new things, this will bring us personal, professional, business, and spiritual benefits, all this will allow us to develop the entrepreneurial spirit that we carry within, which we will need in difficult times.

Learn from Monopoly

Kiyosaki mentions that the best way to learn is through games and simulations, a tool to learn personal and business finances is through the famous Monopoly board game, where in addition to learning about money while playing, you also learn about life. Importantly, Kiyosaki was inspired by this board game to launch his own game called Cash Flow.

Choose how we want to live

Kiyosaki mentions that each person must choose how to live and choose the most appropriate path to achieve their own goals and objectives, for example, not everyone has to be full-time entrepreneurs since they can continue with their usual work and undertake partially or in their free times. There is also the possibility that the person only wants to be an employee and does not want to undertake, however, it must be taken into account that many of the rich are entrepreneurs or business owners and that there are few employees who achieve that same level of income, the important thing is that the person is free to choose and he understands the pros and cons of each quadrant.

Learn to make mistakes

Mistakes are very important in the life of an entrepreneur, as long as one learns from them. In the traditional school, punishments are given for making mistakes, however, this concept does not apply to the business world, since in the business world the person must be prepared to make mistakes and work as a team (which is not taught in the traditional school).

Don’t let us brainwash

Robert Kiyosaki mentions that most people are “brainwashed” in the traditional educational system when it comes to money. They go to school and are taught how to get a steady job with benefits, work hard, save money, avoid debt, take out a mortgage to buy a house and if they have a surplus they invest it in the stock market and retire to receive a Life pension. To all those who are told the same thing and all try to follow that same strategy, the problem is that today’s world works very differently, since our time is very different from that of our parents or grandparents (for example, inflation hurts savers, pensions are no longer for life and jobs are no longer fixed / stable) it is important to note that the traditional education system is not designed for its students to be entrepreneurs or investors. You may be interested in our article titled 7 tips to start a startup.

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