Currently, banks and financial institutions must have quality banking software that allows them to be competitive in the global market, which is made up of users who demand better technological responses to their online financial services requirements. In this article we will summarize some features of Adenter Tech’s banking software:

Contact book

Adenter Tech software allows them to manage a book of contacts or recipients, to whom money can be sent, or also, batches of transactions can be created, which is very useful at the time of making payments to several people or keep adequate control of the transactions carried out.

Bank letter certification (Fintech)

Adenter Tech’s banking software can issue or generate a “bank letter” or “certification” supplying the details of the account certified by the banking institution, which can be used in other institutions for the purposes of financial procedures.

IOS and Android versions

It allows customers to have 24/7 access (24 hours a day and 7 days a week) to all services, through the application for mobile devices (in iOS and Android version) which is very intuitive and easy to use, which also has 20 types of notifications in real-time (which are displayed through the same application).

Built-in live chat app

Adenter Tech software provides direct customer service from the application with integration of an intercom, that is, customer service is accessed through live chat both in its web version and in the application.

Phone verification

The banking software has verification of the telephone number through the WhatsApp network, as an alternative method to SMS, among many other additional options to ensure maintaining contact with customers or end-users.

Statements of transactions

To make things easier and easier, customers can access their transaction statements monthly and download them in different formats: .pdf, .csv, and .xls, in addition to filtering the transactions and generating the required reports.

For companies and individuals

Adenter Tech’s banking software allows you to create accounts for individuals and companies/businesses through an onboarding process, which is very fluid through the website or through the applications for iOS or Android.

Add user roles

Each user, if he wishes, can share the access of his account without the need to expose his credentials, it means that each guest is an “individual user” who will have the specific permissions that the main administrator grants him on his account.

Send cryptocurrencies

This banking software has been integrated with Blockchain technology, to be able to send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash Wallets, at the same time, the IBAN validation API can be verified, so as each IBAN that is added.

Batch payments for businesses

Adenter TEch’s banking software allows that with a single transaction, up to 2,500 payments can be sent simultaneously, for those companies or businesses with greater needs, for example paying payroll in a single transaction.

Other additional functions

You can see additional features of Adenter Tech banking software at the following link.

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