Intuitive banking software is that type of software or program that users find it easy to use, that is, they can operate the system easily and without prior training. If software or program is not intuitive, it will cause bad experiences for the user, which may have the consequence that it is no longer used by the user or that the user reduces their interaction with it. You may also be interested in our article titled 5 advantages of banking software. Here we will share some characteristics of an intuitive banking software:


An intuitive software or program must have structured, accessible and orderly navigation. This point is very important since it allows the user to view and access all the functions of the platform at any time. It is important to note that this navigation must be adapted to different screens, equipment, and devices from when the user connects (mobile phone, desktop computer, tablet, etc.) since it is useless to have good navigation on a specific device but in another no, currently all users tend to be “multi-devices” so the software must be easy to navigate from any screen, computer or device.

Easy interaction with the user

User interaction with the system must be evident and self-explanatory, it must have a high level of ease of use, which prevents the user from having “training hours” to use said system or platform. With just a few clicks, the user must get to where they want and be able to operate the system without having to “read” manuals, watch long tutorials or follow extensive instructions.


One of the greatest benefits of intuitive banking software is that it reduces the workload of internal customer service personnel since if the software is accessible, it can be easily used by users, although it is normal that there are always inquiries or user questions related to the use of the platform, there is a direct relationship between the number of complaints received and the ease of use of the platform (the more intuitive the platform, the fewer complaints of this type will be received).

Easy-access help for users

Even when there is a high degree of ease and the workload of customer service is reduced, there will always be doubts and questions from users, so it is necessary to provide means of contact that allow offering help quickly and effectively. Among the most prominent tools are emerging advantages of live chat, ticket system, etc.

Ease of internal work team

Many times when we talk about an intuitive software or program, we think of the end-user, however, we must take into account that the internal staff of the bank also needs software that facilitates the work of their employees, that improves their interaction with its costumers, with other banks and other interested parties.

What do you think about this topic? What other features do you think an intuitive banking software should have?

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